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The Benefits Offered by Installing a Water Softener

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

If you live in a home with hard water, it can become an expensive problem. When water from the ground is moving through the pipes in your home, the minerals in the water will connect to pipes and create build up & scale that causes damages to the pipes. These minerals also damage external fixtures, and appliances where hard water settles and dries.

When water falls down as rain, it is free from any minerals, which means it is soft water. As it moves through the ground, it collects different minerals including magnesium & calcium. If the water has collected a lot of these minerals, it will be classified as hard water. While hard water isn’t harmful to your health, it can be harmful to your home.

An option for eliminating hard water in your home is to install a water softener. This works by removing the calcium and magnesium minerals through a process called an ion-exchange. The mineral ions that cause the hardness and damage are trapped by a special resin in the system an exchanged for non-damaging potassium or sodium ions.

Does Your Home Need a Water Softener?

Water softeners can be real lifesavers if your home is plagued with the effects of hard water. However, there are some situations when the use of a water softener is not necessary. While these systems remove mineral ions, they don’t remove heavy metals (i.e. iron, mercury, or lead) or bacteria. If you are looking for water that tastes better, then the addition of a water filtration system is a great option.

Indications of Hard Water

Approximately 85% of homes in the U.S. are in hard water areas. You can contact Nusoft Water Systems for a free in-home water test to determine if you should invest in a water softener.

Signs you may have hard water and need a softener:

· Watermarks on faucets

· Excessive chalk and lime buildup on the walls of showers and sinks

· White clothes that appear dingy and other colors that are faded

· Hair and skin that feel itchy and dry

· Low water pressure

· Watermarks or residue on dishes

· Appliances break more often than they should

If you notice any or all of these issues, it is time to consider the installation of a water softener.

Save Money by Installing a Water Softener

When you have a quality water softener installed in your home, it can help you save a significant amount of money. It will prevent buildup in your pipes and help your appliances last longer. Your clothes won’t appear dingy and you will be able to avoid buying special soaps and lotions to keep itchy skin at bay.

When it comes to buying a water softener, there are more than a few options to consider. As a result, it is a good idea to work with the professionals as they can help you choose the one that is right or you. Call NuSoft Water today to discover the best systems for your homes needs. 801-448-7515

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