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Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener and Whole Home Water Filtration Combo

We're located right here in Eagle Mountain Utah. Get the highest quality water to every single tap in your home with Utah's #1 Rated Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener & Ultra High Efficiency Whole Home Water filtration!

Nusoft Water Whole Home Water Filter
Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener

The Complete Whole Home Solution!

Water Softener & Whole Home Water Filter

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The Nusoft Water Systems UHE6000 is designed & built right here in Utah! This softener is specifically designed to treat Utah’s uniquely hard water while saving you money every month!  It features On Demand + Ultra high efficiency technology, an upgraded ultra high efficiency resin bead and a dry brine.  This system greatly reduces the use and cost of salt & water for regens.  The UHE Resin beads extend your water softeners life beyond that of most softeners available today and can last 20+ years treating Utah's hard water! The Nusoft Water Systems UHE3000 whole home water filtration system is designed with your family in mind.  This system provides better than bottled water quality water to every tap in your home.  It removes harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, inorganics & much more from your drinking water.  This Filter also protects your water softener from harmful contaminants that can break down and destroy its resin over time, greatly extending your water softeners life and reducing or eliminating maintenance! 

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What are the benefits of having a water softener & whole home water filter, and why is it important they're in separate tanks?

Water softeners & water filters have different jobs.  Neither one can do the job of the other, and together they make a very efficient team.   

Water Softeners are the only way to remove calcium and magnesium from your water.  These are the minerals that build up in your dishwasher, water heater, on shower walls, shower heads, sink faucets, countertops and your dishes.

nusoft water whole home filtration softener combo

Better than bottled water quality to every tap in your home!

The minerals are removed through an ionized bed of resin beads that attract the minerals like a magnet.  Your water softener is filled with these tiny beads.  When the beads are full of minerals, a regeneration takes place.


To regenerate, the softener sucks the salt water solution (the brine), from the brine tank (the tank that holds the salt), which changes the ions on the beads so they'll release all of the calcium and magnesium so it can be disposed of down the drain. 


Once the beads are cleaned through the regen process they are ready to clean more minerals from the water.

Water filters cannot remove calcium or magnesium. Filters remove the other harmful contaminants you don't want in your water.  Every filter has different stages of media that pull out different things. 


The UHE3000 for example has a KDF55 heavy metal filter in the top of the tank to remove lead, mercury, aluminum, iron, arsenic, and other unwanted and harmful heavy metals from the water.


Its ultra high efficiency coconut carbon removes all of the chemicals, pesticides and inorganics.  Because different types of media remove different things, having a filter and softener in your home gives you the benefit of both.  This is how you get the highest quality clean water to every tap in your home.  

Why is it important the softener and filter are in separate tanks and not an all-in-one tank?

All filtration has a life and needs to be replaced over time.  With an all-in-one water softeners & filters, all the media is in a single tank. When the filtration media needs replacement, you'll be required to open the tank in order to replace that media. 


Opening a tank and removing its control valve head and re fastening to the tank can lead to system leaks and failures.  For this reason,  Nusoft Water Systems uses two separate tanks, one for the filter, and a seperate one for the softener. 


By doing this we can also use more filtration media to remove unwanted contaminants including KDF55 to remove bacteria and heavy metals which greatly extend the life of your carbon media. 


In all-in-one systems there isn't much space to add media. You'll only get carbon, and because of the limited space inside the tank you'll only get around 1/2 to 1/4 the amount of carbon which requires more frequent replacement.


Water softeners also last much longer than the Coconut Carbon in the filter, and don't need their media replaced.  


Having the water softener and filter in separate tanks ensures the longevity of both units, and allows you to simply replace the filtration tank as needed. 


As filters need to be replaced we can simply remove the entire filtration tank & head valve of the old tank, and install a new one.  This ensures the system lasts and you don't have any costly leaks or failures over the life of your filtration. 


The UHE3000 whole home filter has a backwashing flush head that backwashes contaminants down the drain, and is rated for an industry best 1 million gallons. 


For a family of five, this is 8-10 years average between replacements, making it around a couple of dollars a month to have better than bottled water quality water to every tap in your home. We also do replace filtration tanks at cost, saving you money on future filter replacements!

Why should you install the filter before the softener?

We install the whole home filter prior to the softer to protect the water softeners resin beads, which greatly extend their life.  Chlorine for example, is very hard on water softener resin beads.  2 ppm of chlorine can reduce a beads life by as much as 2/3.  


So a bead that would last 15 years would be reduced to 5.  Most water in Utah fluctuates between 1-2 ppm, so it can be hit and miss on how long your softener will last. 


By installing the whole home water filter prior to the water softener, it will remove the chlorine and other contaminants that can damage your softener.  This assures you'll get the full life out of your water softener system and its resin beads.  

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