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Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softeners

NuSoft Water UHE6000 Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softeners are designed to save you money!

Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener
premium water softener
20 Year Water Softener

NuSoft Water UHE6000 Water Softener

The NuSoft Water Series UHE6000 Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener is the best water softening system for Utah's Extremely Hard Water.

NuSoft Water Softeners are scientifically engineered to treat Utah's Extremely Hard Water and are custom built right here in Utah!

Each System is built using the highest quality materials, electronics and Ultra High Efficiency Resin Beads available. 

NuSoft Water UHE6000 Softeners are designed to last 20+ years treating Utah's extremely hard water, saving you money on equipment replacement costs & service repairs!

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Smart Ultra High Efficiency Technology

UHE6000 Water Softener uses smart technology to measure system needs in real time. Go on vacation for a couple of weeks and the system won't regenerate, have family staying for a week, the system automatically regenerates more as needed!

black resin

Ultra High Efficiency Resin Beads

Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener

Dry Brine/Salt Tank

Save money with the UHE6000 dry brine/salt tank.  The tank only fills with water (5) hours prior to regeneration.  When the system regenerates the tank water is emptied, leaving your salt dry again, extending the life of your salt and saving you money every month!

NuSoft Water UHE6000 Water Softener Benefits

20 year
premium water softener utah

Utahs Extremely Hard water is tough on resin beads.  Using a unique steam pressed process, these beads are created to last through years of hard water abuse.

Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softener Salt VS Standard Water Softener Salt Systems

NuSoft Water UHE6000 dry brine is designed to work with extra course softener salt instead of salt pellets.  This feature alone can save you thousands of dollars in salt over its years of use!

NuSoft Water UHE6000 Water Softener


Extra Course Softener Salt 

Average cost | $3.50 average a bag

Extra course softener salt costs much less to maintain your ultra high efficiency softener over the years! A dry brine only uses 2 bags every 3 months on average for a family of four.

Standard: Pellet Salt | Average Cost $5 a Bag

Pellet Salt is Required for wet brine softeners. It's held together using a polymer glue that dissolves into your homes water system over time. Wet brines require an average of 3-4 bags of salt every month for a family of four on scheduled softeners. This makes wet brines much more expensive to maintain.

nusoft water extra course softener salt
nusoft water course softener salt

There are different qualities of Resin Beads depending on the water softener.

Standard Blonde Resin Beads

These beads last an average of 4-6 years in Utah's hard water.  They are acid based and dissolve into the system over time. These beads have many abnormalities and don't work as well as ultra high efficiency resin beads. Once resin beads go bad you have to replace your water softener.


NuSoft Water UHE6000 Black Resin Beads 

Ultra high-efficiency steam pressed beads have no abnormalities and do a better job collecting minerals. They require less salt to regenerate saving you money.  These beads can last 20+ years treating Utah's hard water. 

Nusoft Water black resin

Having a system with low quality resin beads will require you to replace your water softener system more often. 


Blonde beads dissolve over time and with chlorine eating at the beads, it's hit and miss how long they will last. Having to replace a softener every 5-6 years on average can be very expensive.


These systems end up costing you thousands more in salt, water, maintenance and replacement to maintain soft water in your home over time compared to a UHE softener.

System Regeneration: On Demand VS a Set Schedule...

What is a water softener regeneration?

The big scuba tank is the water softener and its entire tank is filled with resin beads.  As hard water passes through the beads on its way into your home the beads capture the calcium & magnesium like a magnet. 


The other big bin, or "brine bin", is where the salt is held.  This tank fills with water to dissolve the salt and the salt/water solution is called the brine. 


A regen is when the softener sucks the brine solution into the softener, changing the ions on the beads from positive to negative.  When this happens the beads release all of the calcium and magnesium so it can be washed down the drain.  Once this happens the beads are clean or fully "regenerated" so they can start the whole process over again, keeping your water clean and free of those unwanted minerals. 


Part of what makes some systems more efficient than others is there ability to do this more efficiently and with less salt and water to regenerate.

Basic Water Softener
Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener
20 year

NuSoft Waters UHE6000 regenerates on demand  + Ultra High Efficiency.

Basic water softeners regenerate on a schedule.  The programming on these systems are set to regen automatically every 3 days. 

These systems keep the brine/salt tank full of water at all times, continually dissolving salt and greatly reducing the life of the salt. For this reason, wet brines require much more over time.  

Go on vacation it will still regenerate and will continue to regenerate the same even if you have company for the weekend.

The UHE system uses advanced on demand technology, measuring how dirty the beads are in real time, and adjusts to your usage as needed. 

The system only fills the brine/salt tank (5) hours before it needs to regenerate.  This keeps your salt dry until it's needed, extending your salts life so it requires much less over its years of use.

If you go on vacation the system will re-generate less, if you have company over it will regenerate more to make sure your water stays soft!

Why getting the right SIZE Water Softener Matters!

Water softeners come in all shapes and sizes and it's important to put the right sized system in your home. 


* Installing a system that's too small will increase your salt consumption, your water bill, and reduce the life of your system because it's taking on more than its designed to handle. 


* Getting a system that's too large can cause the system to create peaks and valleys in the salt brine, leaving you with a system that fails to clean resin beads and function properly. 

Getting a system that's the right size for your home and family will ensure it functions optimally and saves you money over time.

Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener

70,000 Grain

Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener

60,000 Grain

Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener

48,000 Grain

Nusoft Water Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener

32,000 Grain

How Water Softeners Work...

Water Softening Systems work by passing water through a ionized bed of beads call "Resin Beads".  When the water passes through the system an ION exchange takes place. 


The materials in the water that make it hard are calcium bicarbonate & magnesium.  When water passes through the resin bed, the calcium & magnesium solids are attracted to the beads like a magnet, removing them from the water.

Over time the resin beads get dirty and need to regenerate.  This is when the salt does its job!  The brine, or salt tank, is filled with a solution of water and dissolved salt called the brine.  When the systems regenerates it draws this solution into the water softener.  As this solution enters the system it changes the ions on the beads so they release the calcium & magnesium. The minerals are then backwashed out of the softener & down the drain.  Once regeneration is complete the system is ready to soften more water.

Water Softener works

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