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Our Mission Statement

The purpose of NuSoft Water Systems is to:

  1. Offer professional, USA UTAH made, whole home water softeners and filtration systems to customers and to educate them on the quality of their water from all taps within their home.

  2. Give our customers wholesale pricing without compromising the quality of their systems.

  3. Give our customers professional installation that requires no annual maintenance.

  4. Offer superior customer support.


We offer whole home water softeners & whole home filtration built right here in Utah!  Each system is custom made for Utah's extremely hard water. NuSoft Water Systems is not a franchise. We've selected the best systems from the right manufacturers that custom build our quality systems to last!  We also offer the best warranties! With our custom built systems, we feel confident that we can offer you the best system at the best price!


NuSoft Water installs every system with an in depth checklist and verifies that every aspect of your new system is working properly. We check your water pressure, make sure the right amount of salt or potassium is being used for each regeneration and check the flow controls for proper capacity so each regeneration is optimized for the greatest efficiency to insure that the system is programmed to your specific water needs.  Anyone can put in a water system, but if it’s not the right system or isn't installed correctly, it can cost you as a homeowner a lot in expenses without being aware. So we make sure it's done right the first time.



When you purchase a system from NuSoftWater, you become a part of our companies family. We’ll be here for you before, during, and after the install to make sure your system keeps up with your needs.

Many homeowners install water softener & filtration systems to make their lives easier and to live a healthier life.  No one wants to spend their time or energy cleaning the soap scum off shower walls, bathroom sinks and kitchen faucets. 

Soft Water Glass

Our water softeners and whole home water filtration systems are the perfect solution to Utah’s hard water issues. 


It is our mission to provide homeowners with high quality water softening products that provide pure, clean water. We provide services to Salt Lake and Utah Counties in Utah.

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