Nusoft Water Systems Ultra High-Efficiency (UHE) Water Softeners work better and save you money...


Our water softening systems use state-of-the-art technology to reduce the amount of wastewater and salt required to neutralize the minerals that cause hard water.  NuSoft Water systems are built to last! Even with Utah’s hard water, our ultra high-efficiency systems last through the years and come with an industry’s best 20-year limited warranty.


One of the most significant advances in softening technology is our dry brine tank that keeps the salt dry when it’s not needed, reducing salt and water cost by up to 85%!


High-efficiency resin beads stand up to even the hardest water for decades, significantly decreasing the need for repairs or replacement of your equipment.


Our high-efficiency and on-demand softening systems use microprocessors to learn your water consumption patterns. These advanced and efficient systems can provide significant cost savings over their years of use.  


NuSoft Water Systems is Salt Lake & Utah Counties Water Softener Expert!


If you want the best water softener system available for your home, you can call on the experienced team at NuSoft Water.


We provide exceptional customer service, ensuring that you get the right size and capacity system for your homes needs. To help you get the right system, we offer a free home water analysis and inspection performed by one of our highly trained & certified technicians. Once we know the exact content of your home’s water, we can recommend the most efficient systems to meet your home’s needs.  We have systems to fit every budget!  Contact us today to learn more about how NuSoft Water’s advanced water softeners can benefit your family.


On Demand + Dry Brine + High Efficiency Resin + Filtration

Uses up to 85% less water & salt than conventional systems!

NuSoft Water Series UHE6000 Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener + Whole Home Water Filtration 

The highest quality softener for your home! Built to last and save you money! The NuSoft Water Series UHE600 Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener features *On Demand Water, *Dry Brine/Salt Tank & *Ultra High Efficiency Resin Beads that are guaranteed to last 20 years.  On Demand Water adjusts to your water use and only regenerates when needed. The dry brine tank keeps your salt dry until its needed, only filling with water to dissolve the salt (5) hours prior to regeneration, extending the life of your salt.  The high efficiency resin beads soften better than traditional beads and require less salt for regen. Includes a whole home coconut carbon filter, giving you 5 X better than bottled water quality from every tap. These water softeners come with a 20 year limited warranty and are designed to last, saving you on expensive maintenance costs and thousands in salt & water.

Systems sizes: 20,000 Grain, 24,000 Grain, 28,000 Grain, 32,000 Grain, 48,000 Grain, 60,000 Grain, 70,000 Grain, 80,000 Grain, 90,000 Grain.  Other custom sizes are available upon request!

On Demand uses up to 75% less water & salt!

NuSoft Water Series HE5000 High Efficiency Water Softener

The Nu Soft Water Series HE5000 On Demand Water Softener is equipped with a microprocessor that keeps track of the amount of water you use, and adjusts itself to match your needs.  This means that the water softener will meet your demands for conditioned water in a customized way.This softener uses 10% crosslink resin which cleans well and holds up better against chlorinated water. The Series HE5000 Water Softener saves a ton in salt & water costs and is a great softening system for your homes hard water.

Systems sizes: 20,000 Grain, 24,000 Grain, 28,000 Grain, 32,000 Grain, 48,000 Grain, 60,000 Grain, 70,000 Grain, 80,000 Grain, 90,000 Grain.  Other custom sizes are available upon request!

On Schedule Water Softeners

NuSoft Water Series HE2100 On Schedule Water Softener

Systems sizes: 20,000 Grain, 24,000 Grain, 28,000 Grain, 32,000 Grain, 48,000 Grain, 60,000 Grain, 70,000 Grain, 80,000 Grain, 90,000 Grain.  Other custom sizes are available upon request!

The NuSoft Water Series HE2100 On Demand Water Softener runs on a schedule for continuous soft water.  This softener uses 8-10% crosslink resin depending on your needs.  This system saves you up to 70% in salt and  water over most traditional systems, making it economical, efficient, and a huge money saver!  The HE2100 uses state of the art components to provide you with a superior water softener and a continuous supply of softened water.

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NuSoft Water Softeners

NuSoft High Efficiency On Demand Water Softeners

NuSoft Water softeners are the best way to solve the many problems caused by Utah’s unusually hard water.


The high mineral content causes measurable scale buildup that erodes faucets, fixtures and water-using appliances. From clogged shower heads to gray dingy laundry that never seems to get clean, a NuSoft Water Systems water softening system is the best solution.


NuSoft Water Systems specializes in on-demand & high efficiency water softeners specifically designed to handle utah's hard water. Our softening systems use advanced technology, substantially reducing waste and increasing the life of your system.

We Service Eagle Mountain, Salt Lake & Utah Counties and all surrounding areas.


What Can a Nusoft Water Softener Do for You?


When you choose a NuSoft Water softening system, you'll benefit from our advanced knowledge and decades of experience.  You'll get the best systems for your home guaranteed, and save thousands on salt and water for your softener. You will also enjoy water that tastes great and leaves your skin, hair and laundry feeling truly clean. No more fighting with stubborn spots on your glassware and dishes or struggling to keep scale buildup off your sinks, tubs and shower heads.


Your appliances will last longer, require fewer repairs, and your plumbing system won’t deteriorate. You'll also cut your detergent, soap and shampoo use down by as much as 75 percent!  


Speak to a water softener expert to get the right size system for your home today!