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Water Filtration and Water Softeners in Herriman, Utah

If you’re looking for solutions that will give you and your family safe, & healthy water, at an affordable cost with no hassle, you’ve come to the right place. At NuSoft Water Systems we’ve been serving clients throughout Herriman and other areas of Utah for years with their water filtration and softening needs.

Whether you’re looking for a whole-home filtration system or the very best water softener for your water softening needs, our team is here to help. We offer free in-home water tests conducted by our certified technicians for an in depth evaluation that will lay out exactly where your water filtration and softener needs stand and the areas where our services can benefit you most.

Water Softening

In addition to our quality water filtration solutions, we also offer water softening that removes minerals and other textural elements from your water. The impact of water softening can be seen all over the house, from a cleaner feel when bathing or washing hands to water that puts a lower level of stress on pipes and fixtures once calcium and magnesium minerals are removed.

We offer the following models for water softening:

  • NuSoft Water Systems Series 940: Complete with a high flow rate and an electronic cycle that allows for programming, this softener reduces scale buildup and extends lifespan of your appliances. It also decreases the amount of detergent and cleaning solutions required.

  • NuSoft Water Systems Series HE2100: This high-efficiency option has a microprocessor that actively tracks your water usage, then adjusts to meet your needs. It’s highly efficient and practical.

  • NuSoft Water Systems Series HE6000: Another high-efficiency choice that features on-demand water and lasts an average of 20 years.

Water Filtration

No matter the size or scope of your home or building, our team is here to ensure you have quality, softened & filtered water throughout. Our products not only make your water clearer and healthier to drink, they also improve its taste.


We offer several options for water filtration materials, including:

  • Coconut carbon filtration: A system that uses high-grade carbon with a high percentage of micro-pores. This system is far more efficient than coal, removing everything from poor tastes and smells to chlorine and other chemicals.

  • Add-ons: Within the realm of coconut carbon filters, we offer both high-efficiency options with backwashing flush heads and heavy metal filters.

  • Reverse osmosis: With faucet options including air gap.

  • UV filters: Premium products that will remove viruses, bacteria and other microscopic contaminants from your water.


Our Trusted Services

No matter which of our filtration or water softening solutions you require, you’ll receive services from top industry professionals. Our technicians will even come to your home and provide a free in-home water test, assessing your situation to help you discover the best system for your homes needs. 

For more on any of our water filtration or water softening solutions in Herriman, Utah, contact the pros at NuSoft Water Systems today.

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