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At NuSoft Water, the quality of the water in your home is our number one priority. Clean, Fresh, Clear water makes a huge difference! We offer service agreements that give our customers peace of mind knowing their homes water will be expertly cared for. We care about the quality of water from EVERY tap in your home!

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Why Choose NuSoft Water Systems?

  • Water Softeners and Whole Home Filtration made in Utah and specifically designed for Utah's extremely hard water!

  • High Efficiency Water Softener Resin Beads "Guaranteed to last 20+ years, soften better than traditional water softener beads & require less salt for regeneration of the system".

  • Dry Brine/Salt Tank "Saves thousands on salt and water by keeping softener salt dry until needed".

  • On Demand High Efficiency "Smart technology measures water usage in real time and only regenerates when needed saving you even more money on salt & water".


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On Demand High Efficiency Water Softener Systems + Filtration


Affordable whole home water filtration for clean, healthy, worry free water!


Our Water Softeners are designed to save you Time & Money!

Not all Water Softeners are built to Handle Utah's Hard Water...

Utah's water is considered extremely hard with an average hardness rating between 20-40 GPG.

There are many choices available when it comes to a water softener in Utah, but many of the water softeners available aren't designed to handle Utah's extremely hard water over time. 


A system from your local home store might seem like a great choice at first, but these systems use low quality resin beads that aren't designed to handle the hard water in areas like Eagle Mountain or other areas in utah, causing them to deteriorate quickly and require frequent maintenance.


Systems like these are great for many other states across the US where the water isn't as hard, but here in Utah, these water softeners use a lot more salt & water, still leave the water hard, and don't last as long because they are removing 5 to 10 times as much calcium and magnesium daily.  

Our systems are built specifically for Utah and designed to handle Utah's hard water through the years with zero maintenance, giving you peace of mind that your water is always at its best. These systems work wonders in areas with extremely hard water like Eagle Mountain Utah, and can save a ton of money on salt and water.  Salt lake and Utah counties are known for having some of the hardest water in the country, so getting a system specially designed to work the most efficiently will save you time & money.

Softeners also come in many different sizes, and one size does not fit all.  A system that is not properly sized for your family's needs can end up costing you thousands more than a properly sized system.  A system that's too small regenerates frequently using more salt and water.  A system that's too large causes peaks and valleys in your brine salt and doesn't deliver a proper cleaning to the water softener resin beads leaving your water hard.

To make sure your getting the right size system we send a certified technician to your home at no cost to evaluate your homes needs.  This way you'll get a system that's efficient and will work right!

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